The Basics of Artificial Intelligence

Put simply, artificial intelligence is the branch of computer science that delves into the possibility that machines can think. As it blurs the lines between human and machine, artificial intelligence is an amalgamation of physiology, philosophy, and computer science. While AI has met with considerable skepticism and even fear, scientists have made spectacular innovations proving that the claim of creating thinking machines is not as doubtful as many people feel. This article discusses some of the basic principles in artificial intelligence.

The first important goal of artificial intelligence is to define intelligence. Does it only consist of solving problems, seeing a connection between two different concepts, and making generalizations? How important is sensory perception to intelligence? These are some of the concerns which AI scientists try to understand. A great challenge among experts is creating a machine that can imitate the working of the human brain. A breakthrough invention in this matter was Alan Turing’s test. Turing was a British scientist who claimed that if a computer could convince a human that it was a human as well, it could prove that machines were intelligent.

It is important to know the history of artificial intelligence and the various pitfalls and struggles of the pioneers of the field. While ancient philosophers formulated the theories which would later be used in AI, interest in the field gained real momentum in 1943 when the first computer was invented. It made available to scientists the technology that could imitate intelligent behavior and perhaps even stimulate it. Over the years, AI has grown into a flourishing science with people developing programs that can play chess with humans or even diagnose a variety of diseases.

The Different Approaches
The different methods of research have caused artificial intelligence to branch into two approaches. The first is known as the bottom-up approach and the second is the top-down approach.

The first school of thought suggests that artificial intelligence can be achieved through building an electronic counterpart of the human brain. It starts from the absolute basic by focusing on the work of neurons. The scientists then build electronic circuits in the place of the neurons which carry out the same functions.

The top-down approach establishes that to achieve artificial intelligence a computer doesn’t have to be designed like the human brain and instead only needs to imitate its behavior. This approach focuses more on rules and the computer’s ability to decide whether a certain fact applies to this rule or not. The scientists, then, design the computer to answer to different prompts based on this rule. For example, if a food is sweet, cold, and brown, the computer will use its programmed rules to deduct that this food is a chocolate ice cream. This imitates the process of logical deduction of the human brain.

Artificial intelligence has made great strides and constantly aids us in different aspects of our lives. From word processing applications to the humanoid robots, scientists are working hard to create a machine that can perform the functions of the human brain.

Tell the Signs of Bad Tutors

Students often find themselves having to fight thirty of their peers for their teacher’s attention. It is in such a scenario that private tutoring becomes an important determinant in a child’s performance at school. Often enough, however, tutors can do more harm than good despite their best intentions. It is important to be able to differentiate a good tutor from a bad one. The following article discusses some of the warning signs of an ineffective tutor.

Tutor, Not Teacher

The two jobs may seem the same, but they are actually quite different. A teacher explains the concepts while a tutor helps students overcome hurdles that they may face in applying that concept. If your tutor spends more time lecturing, he is not listening to the needs of your child. A tutor must help the child think for itself. A tutor who, for example, solves an arithmetic problem for a child will impart nothing of value to it. Further, a good tutor will not stop your child before it makes a mistake. Instead, he will let it make a mistake and then point out where it went wrong.

A good tutor must know how to communicate effectively and more importantly how to communicate with a student. If you find your tutor using terms that are too hard for your child to grasp, the tutor will not succeed no matter how well he knows his subject. Further, a good tutor uses examples to facilitate the students understanding. These don’t even need to be related to the subject. Successful tutors have been known to explain statistics through examples of food.

Establishing a Rapport
Regardless of the tutors expertise in a subject, if your tutor cannot develop a positive relationship with your child, it will take away very little from the tutoring sessions. An effective tutor will treat the child as an equal rather than an inferior. This does not mean that he will allow your child to flout his authority, but he must be careful not damage your child’s self-esteem when it doesn’t understand a concept. This quality also requires the tutor to know his own limitations and accept some of the responsibility for not explaining effectively. Tutoring is a two way process so if your tutor shifts the blame on your child, he is in all probability not aware of or willing to accept his shortcomings.

Body Language and Listening Skills
There is more to conveying a message than simply speaking. Your tutor may verbally congratulate your child but still cause it unease. Effectively body language is, therefore, an important factor in judging a good tutor. If you spot the tutor displaying bad body language during the session, he may not be genuinely concerned about your child’s education. While a tutoring session is about studies, a good tutor will always engage in some small talk. Not only will it make your child feel more at ease, but often tutors use this as a way to gage its personality and learning style. If your tutor keeps instructing your child from the first minute of the session to the last, he may be focused solely on the subject and not the student.

Enrolment in Charter Schools in the US Is Increasing

Charter schools are those schools that receive public money but are not subject to rules, laws and regulations that are meant for other public schools. Theses schools are not supposed to charge tuition fees as they are considered to be a part of the public education system. These schools can be established by teachers, parents or non-profit groups and universities.

According to the National Alliance for Public Charter Schools, about 4.5% of the students in the U.S. now attend charter schools. This means that around two million children have been enrolled in these schools over the past one year. This 13% increase in enrollment has been the largest single year increase. Ursula Wright, CEO of the National Alliance for Public Charter Schools is overwhelmed by this improvement because she feels that this shows that more and more parents now want quality education for their children. However, it is also a fact that although enrollment in the charter schools has increased, academic performance of these schools has not shown much improvement. As per the 2009 Stanford University study in 16 states, only 17% schools performed better than other public schools, whereas 37% did not show a significant result.

Nevertheless, admission in these schools has been increasing in the recent years. This is because these schools are independent of some of the laws and mandates applicable for other public schools. The schools are free to introduce teaching methods and curriculum that may be beneficial for students but are not supported by the general school regulations. This is the reason why the U.S. Department of Education under the Obama rule has withdrawn restrictions regarding the establishment of charter schools. According to Charter school advocate Joe Nathan, charter schools have been on the rise just because they provide an alternative to traditional public schools which are failing to offer quality education.

In spite of these good points, charter schools have faced criticisms as well. There have been debates over the issue of what charter schools are exceptionally good and do they have a positive impact on the education scenario of the States. These schools are believed to extract money from the public sector in the name of fundraising. They also turn aspiring students away. Nathan, however, presents a different view. He says that charter schools encourage students from low income groups and students from non English speaking background.

According to Myron Orfield, a law professor and director of the University of Minnesota’s Institute on Race and Poverty, charter schools take away students along with the funds to which he or she is entitled. Instead, they hardly contribute something significant to the academic performance level. But in spite of all these, enrollment is increasing in the charter schools because of its independent position from the state education system, alternative curriculum and good quality education.

How Can MBA Impact on Your Life And Why Choosing MBA Is a Good Idea For You

One of the degrees that is now most easily and commonly found in the education market is the MBA degree. This is one course that has suddenly become everybody’s desire. MBA schools have never been so popular like they are now. This course definitely has advantages which is why it is so much in demand. Lets find out its effect on our life and how MBA is a good course to pursue.


First and foremost, MBA helps in the development of managerial skills and enhances leadership qualities. One learns to deal with situations that require good management skills. An MBA program not only teaches a student to be well equipped in handling responsibilities, assignments and presentations but also apply this knowledge in real life. A good MBA student can adjust in any environment as he has the capability to influence the people around him/her. People look up to him/her and love to be their followers.

Secondly, an MBA program is the best guide to people who are from non-business background. Even if one has a Bachelor degree in any other field, an MBA degree can be pursued if one wants to enter into the field of business administration. In other words an MBA degree is the key to enter any business organization.

Thirdly, MBA is very good because its contribution to the career ladder is immense and undeniable. MBAs are generally hired for high management positions accompanied by high pay packages. There is nothing to worry once you have a MBA degree in your hand. You not only gain financial security but also acquire the capability to start your own business. Along with this MBA guarantees sustainability of the job even in times of recession and thus settles your life right from the start.

Further, MBA initiates as well as maintains social networks. The associations that develop during the MBA program help students to develop business contacts. These contacts are fruitful throughout ones life.

As a whole, an MBA degree makes a student competent enough to handle business on his/her own. It makes him/her aware of the pros and cons of business relationships. It gives a settled life with a handsome salary and respectable position in the society.

Although all this might seem to be very attractive, MBA comes with a lot of challenges. Needless to say, a high salary and an enviable position do not come without any investment. It requires a lot of hard work and efforts, both at times of studying as well as during the work. But the person has to learn to manage his work and other engagements in life. It is interesting to know that MBA solves its own challenges. As said before, it teaches managerial skills to be applied not only in business but also in day-to-day living. A good MBA student would definitely handle work and home smoothly. Therefore MBA helps in the all-round development of a person.


Start tutoring social studies online

There are many students who turn towards the online learning medium for getting extra help with their studies. These students range from elementary school students to the undergraduate levels. This opens up a number of opportunities for you if you are trying to get into the online education business. If you have graduated from a good and recognized college or university, or even if you are a students at present you can start tutoring online for any particular subject. One such subject that you can take up for online tutoring is social studies. Social studies is one subject where a number of students require some extra help apart from their classroom sessions.


There are a number of areas that you can cover such as the world history, government related things, geography, economics etc. A number of students such as the basic learners as also those who are doing their master might need tutoring in these areas of social studies. Some students might need help simply with their homework or project work. While there might be those who are studying at higher levels and need help with their courses. Find more information and articles about online tutoring at study guide.


Social studies is a subject which is a bit difficult to understand at times. There are a number of details involved and some students might find it difficult to remember it all. Most of the students and parents turn to the online studying medium because of the personal attention that they get. In the classroom session there are a number of students and so personal attention is a bit difficult. Besides every individual has a different style of learning and thus the online tutors can help the students according to their methods of learning thus making it sure that they gain the maximum out of it.


In case of the social studies, a one-on-one approach is always good as this targeted approach makes the social studies easy to understand for the students. There are students who need help with certain topics and as an online tutor you can provide help with that particular topic. If the students understand the concept properly with your help they can tackle any type of questions rather easily. Students typically need help with their assignments or homework or even research papers. Thus as an online tutor your job will be to provide expert help with such things. If the students are struggling with certain questions for their assignments you can always help them with research and provide extra material. The students might also turn to you to get their assignments checked. By doing so you can make sure that they are on the right track.


The opportunities for being tutors are many. In order to become an online tutor and to find the online tutoring opportunities you simply need to do your own research through search engines like Google by simply typing in the keywords. There will be a number of options available from which you can choose the options that suit you the best. This research will also help you in starting your own independent online business rather than depending on others.



Social studies. Problems students face

Social studies cover a number of topics such as the history of the country, the world history, economics, government and civics. Students usually begin the study in early ages and continue over the years through high school. Social studies teach the students a number of things such as duties of a citizen and most importantly the historical events and the social concepts. Social studies is a vast area of education. It may pose problems for many students due to its diversity and the amount of information that a student is expected to grasp and retain.

There are a number of reasons why many students find the social studies texts difficult to comprehend. Many students do not have a liking for the subject of history and if there is no interest, any subject is difficult to learn and understand. Research has proved that the student’s attitude towards learning a particular subject has a huge effect on the learning and retention of the subject. Thus it largely depends on the teachers of social studies to make it more interesting in order to make the students get more involved. If it is taught only in the past contexts with no connection to the current issues the students will be least interested as there are many who hold no interest in learning about dead people and their lives.

Another problem that is faced by the students is that for many reading and understanding the complex subjects is very difficult. Most of the students may have no knowledge about the various concepts of the previous eras. Thus it is necessary that they have some background knowledge in order to make the comprehension of the subject a bit easier.

The amount of information such as the details and dates covered by the texts in social studies is another difficulty for the students. Students usually face difficulties remembering so many diverse pieces of information and retaining those concepts. They usually get confused and do not know what is important and what to focus on. Even the teachers usually land up rushing with the portion because of the vastness and not all students can keep up with the pace. Students who usually come from the small towns may not be able to relate to the politics and the history of the country which can again pose a problem to the students.

Social studies texts usually require the students to analyze the information and if the students do not have analytical minds they might face difficulties with the study of social studies. They should also be able to comprehend and summarize the information given in the narrative passages. Students have different reading abilities and the less able students may struggle with the amount of information. The textbooks also play an important role in the teaching of a subject. If the textbooks jump from an event to the next without any logical chain connecting them it will be difficult for the students to grasp.

Teaching techniques and the textbooks play an important role in eliminating the difficulties with the subject. The teachers should be competent and should be able to make the subject interesting and easy to understand. The reference books that are used should be written in such a way that they follow the flow of events rather than jumping from one to another making it difficult.


How to make Social Studies your favorite

Social studies is a complex subject with a huge amount of information and details. Not all the students naturally have a liking for the subject. There are those who are least interested in learning about the past historical events and the lives of the people. For such students it becomes very difficult to learn the subject. Unless there is an interest in a particular subject you cannot study properly. For getting through this subject you need to put in an effort to develop an interest in the studying of the subject. There are some tips that you can make use of for studying which might help you to develop an interest in the subject thus making it easier for you to understand.

You should always give your full attention to the study of this subject. The texts are usually complex in these subjects and you need an analytical mind in order to grasp the concepts properly. While reading the subject like history you should find a nice and quite spot and do a careful and thorough reading of the subjects. Only with thorough reading you can grasp something from the concepts. You should never have preconceived notions about a particular subject. Even in case of the social studies you might develop an interest and start liking the subject once you actually read the subjects.

You should as much as possible put in an effort to make your studying process more interesting. Just simply going on reading is not going to help and at a certain point you might just lose your focus and keep on reading without really grasping anything. Instead you can make interesting charts of important ideas and people as also the crucial events and pin it up on your soft boards. You can always highlight the key information the way you want and love.

If you find it boring to study the subject all by yourself, you can always do your social studies with your friends in groups. Rather than doing the reading alone you can discuss it with your friends. You can have quizzes relating to the subjects amongst your friends and reward the winners. There are so many details involved in this subject that you will never fall short of questions to ask. There are also a number of quizzes online. You can go online and take up such quizzes as well. Here you can answer questions and you immediately will be scored for your performance.

Once you have highlighted the important concepts you should always think about what information you have organized rather than simply memorizing it again and again. You should always ask yourselves questions and think about all the information that you have gathered. You should be interested in your studies. You can always relate what you have learnt to something or the other which will help you in remembering. Once you relate everything to yourselves or others you will find out for yourselves that the studies take on an altogether new interest and become fun!


Approaches to tutor Social Studies online

Social studies involve a lot of complex theories and details and reading these texts is not easy and understandable. One of the important aspects of teaching social studies is building a good conceptual understanding. Understanding the concepts is quite essential in order to better understand the subjects in a better manner. All individuals are different and students have different ways of studying. Tutoring one on one is always better in case of slow learners so that they understand the concepts properly.

Tutors can also encourage students to carry out social inquiry, wherein the students ask questions and gather information and also examine the background of various important societal events and ideas. The students are able to explore and study the values and perception that are related to these events and ideas as also develop an understanding about the various issues. They can understand for themselves the different ways in which people make decisions and take part in the social action.

There are a number of constructive teaching strategies which support the teaching of social sciences in an effective way. The online tutors can give various projects related to the subjects which involve a lot of research and which are beyond the textbooks. Giving such projects encourages them to do a lot of research and they land up reading a lot which in turn improves their knowledge. Many students find the social studies quite boring. If such students are inclined to the creative side, the tutors should give them a bit creative assignments. For the others, rather than simply reading and explaining, they can also make notes of the important events and people, jot down key information etc. Basically the tutors need to device different methods to make the whole process more interesting and fun.

Reading in case of social studies is a bit difficult as the texts are quite complex. So the first thing that the tutors need to take care of is the reading. Every student has a different method of learning and has different abilities. So what the online tutors need to take care of is the reading part of the students. Besides they need to teach the students as per their learning abilities. Most of the parents appoint online tutors for the personal attention that their kids get. So the tutors need to make sure that they do the teaching in the most effective manner.

The tutors need to create an interest for the students who are least interested in social studies and do it just for the sake of it. They can form quizzes for the students thus making it more interesting. Since history is full of details such as dates and events a quiz will be a fun way to revise it all. The tutors need to be very innovative in order to keep the students roped in. They should be able to keep the students motivated and interested in what they learn. Finding new methods to teach social studies is the only way they can succeed in successfully teaching the students.

How to make your student’s life more exiting

The sign of any developed society or nation is the standard of education and its associated facilities provided to its students. The growth of any nation is in the hands of its students as they hold the future. Hence a sound student’s educational system and the quality of its student life are the primary benchmarks of progress for any society. Student’s life has various dimensions to itself which reflects the standard and quality of student life maintained whether it is of any individual or the quality of student life promised and advertised by any educational institution. (more…)

Study well to make your student’s life happy

The importance of education is best understood as you grow up and see the world by you. An elementary school student may not realize the significance as well as that of a high school student. Though the ultimate progress a student makes does depend on his/her merit but there should not be any dearth of efforts given in to achieve the best possible results. Student’s life and student’s education are synonymous in such a way that mentioning one automatically implies the same for the other too. Education of every child is the most important development of any society and hence the United States has made child education compulsory and can be completed from any public school or state certified private school. Those who have some serious constraints in sending their children to school can have access to their education through the home school programs designed for them. (more…)