Approaches to tutor Social Studies online

Social studies involve a lot of complex theories and details and reading these texts is not easy and understandable. One of the important aspects of teaching social studies is building a good conceptual understanding. Understanding the concepts is quite essential in order to better understand the subjects in a better manner. All individuals are different and students have different ways of studying. Tutoring one on one is always better in case of slow learners so that they understand the concepts properly.

Tutors can also encourage students to carry out social inquiry, wherein the students ask questions and gather information and also examine the background of various important societal events and ideas. The students are able to explore and study the values and perception that are related to these events and ideas as also develop an understanding about the various issues. They can understand for themselves the different ways in which people make decisions and take part in the social action.

There are a number of constructive teaching strategies which support the teaching of social sciences in an effective way. The online tutors can give various projects related to the subjects which involve a lot of research and which are beyond the textbooks. Giving such projects encourages them to do a lot of research and they land up reading a lot which in turn improves their knowledge. Many students find the social studies quite boring. If such students are inclined to the creative side, the tutors should give them a bit creative assignments. For the others, rather than simply reading and explaining, they can also make notes of the important events and people, jot down key information etc. Basically the tutors need to device different methods to make the whole process more interesting and fun.

Reading in case of social studies is a bit difficult as the texts are quite complex. So the first thing that the tutors need to take care of is the reading. Every student has a different method of learning and has different abilities. So what the online tutors need to take care of is the reading part of the students. Besides they need to teach the students as per their learning abilities. Most of the parents appoint online tutors for the personal attention that their kids get. So the tutors need to make sure that they do the teaching in the most effective manner.

The tutors need to create an interest for the students who are least interested in social studies and do it just for the sake of it. They can form quizzes for the students thus making it more interesting. Since history is full of details such as dates and events a quiz will be a fun way to revise it all. The tutors need to be very innovative in order to keep the students roped in. They should be able to keep the students motivated and interested in what they learn. Finding new methods to teach social studies is the only way they can succeed in successfully teaching the students.