Collaborating On A Fresh Coaching Service

When the organization that birthed Standards for Professional Learning, namely Learning Forward, and a top-notch leading on-demand one-on-one leader in learning solutions online, namely, shake hands on a new project there’s bound to be results. Their ambitious new project is a service that enhances the efficacy of several hundreds of instructional coaches. Finding its base in the Learning Forward Center for Results, the new system called Coaches’ Connect aims to encourage instructional coaches who have the experience and skill to support teachers seeking help. has a real-time learning platform that caters to achieving this and aims to launch this visionary model in September 2012.

Learning Forward ‘s vast experience includes its supporting school districts to assimilate their Standards for Professional Learning. comes equipped with twelve experiential years spent nurturing and applying their modern online learning platform. It truly is a collaboration when these two come together to create Coaches’ Connect. Leaning Forward gave support to when they expanded and launched MyLivePD Online Coaching Service in 2011, funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

It went on to find application in many Teach for America zones and three school districts. This support model was highly welcomed by teachers who touted it as apt, enforceable and significant.  Here are the stats: From 96% of teachers, concerning its service quality, they appended ‘good’, ‘very good’ and ‘excellent’; the online coaching session in which 85% of teachers were involved used their know-how in their classrooms within a week’s time; agreeing that their job has become better with MyLivePD are 82% of teachers.

The technology-oriented approach of Coaches’ Connect aims to impart excellent encouragement and assistance to instructional coaches anytime they have need of it. The very nature of the service takes into consideration the specific requirements of coaches everywhere, in keeping with the Standards for Professional Learning. The Learning Forward Center for Results has under their employ Master Coaches who’re well versed in guiding several hundreds of instructional coaches across North America. This is how they pick up on the individual needs of these coaches who aim to apply Common Core State Standards. What the latter does is it improves student accomplishment levels and also teacher efficiency. District as well as State training programs find a complement in this influential service that’s also inexpensive. Not to forget the role the Center for Results Instructional Coaches Academy plays in this particular field.

Stephanie Hirsh, executive director of Learning Forward, had this to say—her words are paraphrased: Educators and students alike are sure to improve in effectiveness and output and instructional coaches are very much needed to ensure this result. Leaning Forward’s collaboration with provides quick and valuable support to said coaches and ensures they implement practical and results-oriented practices in classrooms.

George Cigale, founder and CEO of, had this to say—his words are paraphrased: Plenty of changes have taken place in the field of professional learning. Schools, the students who enroll there and the teachers who educate them all benefit from it. is more than happy to collaborate with Leaning Forward, sending in’s on-demand system to invaluable agents of change called instructional coaches.