Colleges in Florida Have to Reveal the Names of Students Who Complained about Their Adjunct Instructors

Until recently department chairs in Florida had the right to deny tenure to adjunct instructors based on the complaints filed by students without revealing their names. However, on July the 20th a Florida state appellate court came to the decision that such information cannot be considered confidential and belongs to public records which are not protected by any privacy laws.

A judge panel decided that an instructor is from now on entitled to know the name of a student who submits a complaint against him; it is supposed to give the instructor a chance to defend himself openly. Before that many public college instructors who faced this problem ended up not having their tenure renewed. (more…)

Where does Mitt Romney Stand on Education Policy Issues?

In the height of 2012 election race people are now more than ever interested in what each candidate has to offer. With such important things as world economic recession and high unemployment on their minds, educational issues seem to have fallen by the wayside. However, this aspect is of great importance to those parents whose children are preparing to go to college.

While Barrack Obama’s position on this question is pretty much clear and is getting a lot of media coverage now, it is interesting to find out where other presidential candidates stand on education policy issues.

Alex Burgos, the spokesman for the Mitt Romney’s election campaign, outlined in his recent interview the principal provisions of Governor Romney’s education policy. According to Mr. Burgos, Romney puts high hopes on standardized testing to measure students’ academic progress. Thus, ensuring schools accountability will help to see a truthful picture of what is really happening in schools. (more…)

Are iPads to replace Laptops in Class?

A child with a laptop in class doing his assignment or taking a test has long since become a familiar sight. However, if you ever care to stop by one of Nebraska district’s public schools you would probably be surprised to see kids using iPads.

The district’s technology director Jeff Droge believes this little innovation will help schools to stay up-to-date and students to become more interested in their studies.

The district’s authorities used a $446,000 grant to buy 185 gadgets for 8th grade students and their teachers. The decision was approved by the school board of the district. Mr. Droge says they are planning on purchasing 450 more devices over 2013-14. Some of this money will be spent on training the teaching staff and students how to use iPads and integrate them into classwork to make it more productive. A few more districts in Nebraska intend to test launching the program which requires using iPads in schools instead of PCs. (more…)

Barrack Obama’s Office Announces another $1 billion Initiative Aimed to Increase STEM Teaching Quality

The U.S. Presidents Barrack Obama’s Administration has announced the launch of a nationwide program aimed to promote students’ interest in mathematics, science and technology by encouraging their teachers.

The program’s budget amounts to $1 billion and it starts with involving 50 most promising and inspired teachers and finally over a 4-year period it is expected to grow to include 10,000 educators all over the U.S. The program is planning on giving a bonus of $20,000 to these teachers in exchange for their long-standing commitment and devotion to their profession.

Barack Obama said in his interview that he puts high hopes on this initiative to compensate for a shortcoming of qualified and motivated teachers in STEM fields. (more…)

National College Finance Center Helps Students Create an Effective College Finance Plan

A popular American actress and one of the most powerful women in American showbiz Jane Lynch has founded a non-profit organization aimed at providing college student-to-be and their parents with comprehensive and accurate information about college financing. She is deeply concerned about the intimidating lack of information and low financial awareness of prospective students. Ms. Lynch hopes the National College Finance Center can help high-school leavers to become informed about the options available for them and thus make balanced decisions.

The NCFC website contains information about grants and scholarships as well as student loan programs which every college and university provides. Students can also find there some useful tips on the possible ways to pay off these loans. (more…)

Online tutoring in the USA

Online tutoring has been getting more and more popular in recent years due to its’ affordability, usability and numerous opportunities it gives. It all started with online classes provided virtually and some online lectures available for college students. But today online classes are a powerful tool to educate people of all ages and abilities. Universities and colleges are actively utilizing it. Apart from that, online learning is now re-shaping the world of school education.

According to statistics, in 2008 more than a million high-school students were enrolled into online courses either partially or full-time. Some choose this format of education to take the courses in subjects, which their local schools are unable to provide or had to reduce due to budget curtailments, others use it to earn credits in courses they did not pass during the academic year.  But there are those who choose to attend virtual K-12 schools full-time. Their approximate number amounts to 200,000 people. (more…)

Should Teachers Take a Master’s Degree?

A Master’s degree can help to improve teacher’s effectiveness in class, an independent study by Arroyo Research Services, says.

Apparently teachers’ having or not having a master’s effects how students perform in class. A number of elementary schools participated in the survey the results of which prove that students whose teacher has a master’s degree outperform those with a bachelor’s degree teacher.

Close attention has been paid to the question of whether or not an educator should strive for a master’s degree. The world is changing rapidly meaning that those who are involved in education process should change with it.  If a teacher wants to make a difference and have a positive impact on his students he should be able to give them something more than the old boring and ineffective instructions. Some teachers choose to go back to their studies and take a master’s to improve their abilities and develop new skills. (more…)

Homogeneity Prevents Boys from Succeeding In Class

Researchers express their increasing concerns that schools have become devoted to serving the needs of those children they feel comfortable with, that is calm, easily manageable, ready to collaborate and ambitious students. Teachers are more willing to encourage and reward them, promote their interest in mathematics, science and other disciplines.

Researchers speculate on whether or not this is the reason why high-school education has become so female-focused in recent years. Naturally, girls’ interest in STEM-related disciplines should be promoted and inspired, however the question is: “Is it only because they want girls to succeed in male-dominated fields or are girls just easier to manage?”

Boys, by all odds, tend to be more disruptive in class especially in elementary schools. They pay little attention to school rules; do not spend enough time doing their homework assignments and end up feeling very much disengaged and demotivated. (more…)

Special Pre-K Education Contractors in New York Leave Disabled Children Down and Out

The control over NY State’s program for disabled children has to be tightened. The program aimed at providing special Pre-K education for children with physical or learning disabilities has proved to be working fine over the years. It helps children aged 3 to 5 with special needs to better prepare for school and develop their communicative and learning skills.

Nationwide, special education for children with disabilities is provided by public school districts, in New York, however, private contractors are hired to arrange day care centers for children, organize group classes and deliver individual mentoring sessions at home.

Although this program has existed and successfully operated for a few years, it is only now that the state authorities have become concerned about the amount of money spent on it. The recent audits of some contractors exposed a number of shortcomings in their work. The analysis of city spending shows that the city has almost doubled their special Pre-K education expenses in recent years, however the number of children in need for such education has increased only slightly. Yearly the City spends more than $ 40,000 per one child, which is almost four times as much as Massachusetts’ special Pre-K education expenses and eight times the amount of money spent by the state of Pennsylvania. (more…)