Start tutoring social studies online

There are many students who turn towards the online learning medium for getting extra help with their studies. These students range from elementary school students to the undergraduate levels. This opens up a number of opportunities for you if you are trying to get into the online education business. (more…)

What Makes a STEM Teacher Highly-Qualified?

What makes a good mathematics teacher? This question is old-aged but today it sounds differently in the context of keen interest in STEM education.

Parents have always been anxious about where to send their children to give them the best educational opportunities, however the question of “where” is not nearly as important as the question of “who”: who will be teaching their children mathematics and computer science? Who will be explaining chemistry and geometry formulas to them? Who will be the one to inspire and encourage them in this?

A talented teacher can turn tiresome and repetitious classwork into a challenging and exciting process. A passionate teacher can generate ideas to keep his class intellectually awake. The high-school curriculum should focus on something that is bigger than fact memorizing and test preparation to make students really involved. The priority should be given to developing deep understanding of concepts and improving creative-thinking and problem-solving skills. It is a great challenge for schools and communities to keep children at school, make them engaged and motivated. This is the job of today’s highly-qualified STEM teachers. (more…)

Why Do We Cultivate the “Stranger Danger” Fear?

With the academic year successfully over and dreadful exams and tests being not so dreadful after all, it is now when you would normally expect to see kids crowding in the streets and playgrounds. But if we take a closer look at neighborhood streets we will probably be surprised to see none of this.

Instead children are being actively engaged in different sports and educational activities or playing safely in their backyards closely supervised by concerned adults. Some of them are encouraged to take online classes to catch up with whatever they missed during the academic year. (more…)

Are iPads to replace Laptops in Class?

A child with a laptop in class doing his assignment or taking a test has long since become a familiar sight. However, if you ever care to stop by one of Nebraska district’s public schools you would probably be surprised to see kids using iPads.

The district’s technology director Jeff Droge believes this little innovation will help schools to stay up-to-date and students to become more interested in their studies.

The district’s authorities used a $446,000 grant to buy 185 gadgets for 8th grade students and their teachers. The decision was approved by the school board of the district. Mr. Droge says they are planning on purchasing 450 more devices over 2013-14. Some of this money will be spent on training the teaching staff and students how to use iPads and integrate them into classwork to make it more productive. A few more districts in Nebraska intend to test launching the program which requires using iPads in schools instead of PCs. (more…)

Online tutoring in the USA

Online tutoring has been getting more and more popular in recent years due to its’ affordability, usability and numerous opportunities it gives. It all started with online classes provided virtually and some online lectures available for college students. But today online classes are a powerful tool to educate people of all ages and abilities. Universities and colleges are actively utilizing it. Apart from that, online learning is now re-shaping the world of school education.

According to statistics, in 2008 more than a million high-school students were enrolled into online courses either partially or full-time. Some choose this format of education to take the courses in subjects, which their local schools are unable to provide or had to reduce due to budget curtailments, others use it to earn credits in courses they did not pass during the academic year.  But there are those who choose to attend virtual K-12 schools full-time. Their approximate number amounts to 200,000 people. (more…)

Dual Enrollment Programs Give Hope to Disadvantaged Students

The Community College Research Center at Teachers College, Columbia University has recently published a study which reveals that dual enrollment programs benefit greatly not only A-level students but also those with disadvantages.

Dual enrollment programs are aimed at giving high-schoolers a chance to take university and college courses for credits. It is generally seen as a means to make public universities and some private colleges collaborate actively with local schools.

It has become an especially effective way to increase high-school students’ preparation for college. However, until a few years ago only high-achievers were entitled to enjoy the benefit of this. The situation has changed and now more and more disadvantaged students choose to participate in dual enrollment programs which serve as a great transitional stage to ensure their readiness for college. (more…)

Things Look Nasty with More than Half of Teachers Quitting After Their First Year of Schooling

The information coming from NY high-schools is getting more and more disturbing.  Indeed, schools nowadays have a lot to be concerned about: there are underfunding and underachievement issues, problems with gender-based stereotypes in STEM disciplines and numerous reports of classroom violence. Top it all, the statistics say we tend to lose almost half of teachers after their first year of schooling.

Obviously, teaching is not for everybody. Thus, minor staff turnover is acceptable. However a healthy and effective learning environment cannot be created with more than 50% of teachers gone yearly.

First-year school teachers’ salaries amount to $31,000 per year and for New York these numbers are just slightly better – $45,000. Teachers’ job is definitely rewarding but in terms of monetary remuneration it looks more like a hobby. It is not surprising that many teachers often feel the need to combine their teaching careers with something that could give them money to live on. Some earn some extra money by doing online tutoring or blogging, others choose to seek part-time job opportunities in the fields that are not related to education. The government cannot provide enough incentives to keep teachers encouraged. (more…)

Enhancing Teachers’ Interest in STEM Will Help to Spark This Interest in Students

Sally Ride Science Academy is hosting a major event this summer – a program designed to help mathematics and science teachers to increase their students’ interest in STEM disciplines. The program has existed for a few years now and has helped over 5,000 high-school teachers from all over the U.S.

Teachers are trained to introduce STEM to young students in the way that will encourage and inspire them to continue learning these disciplines at universities and colleges. They are given tools to help students increase their STEM awareness.

Apart from that teachers are lectured on the issue of gender-based differences that require different approaches to teaching. It has long since been proved that boys and girls adopt information differently and at a different pace, especially the information that is related to science and technology.  Gender-based differences cannot be neglected when it comes to teaching STEM, because it will result in many girls’ thinking about science and computers as of “boys stuff”. Teachers are explained how to break these stereotypes in classroom environment and present information in adoptable ways. (more…)