Study well to make your student’s life happy

The importance of education is best understood as you grow up and see the world by you. An elementary school student may not realize the significance as well as that of a high school student. Though the ultimate progress a student makes does depend on his/her merit but there should not be any dearth of efforts given in to achieve the best possible results. Student’s life and student’s education are synonymous in such a way that mentioning one automatically implies the same for the other too. Education of every child is the most important development of any society and hence the United States has made child education compulsory and can be completed from any public school or state certified private school. Those who have some serious constraints in sending their children to school can have access to their education through the home school programs designed for them. (more…)

Student’s life as a part of your education

Student’s life and student’s education are vital concerns for both the student and his/her parents to a certain extent. The words ‘student life’ can be comprehended in few subtly different ways. Student life as a whole refers to the phase of one’s lifetime that he spends being a student. While at times it also means the life of a student in a particular school or college or university. Here the focus is more on how much life or how is the life there in the campus when you are enrolled with that educational institution as a student, i.e. how much you study and what else you get to do during these years. (more…)

Student’s life: How to be a good student

Student’s life and student’s education are kind of Siamese twins having inseparable existence. Education is of utmost concern in a student’s life at every step. So, the secret to the better health of the “twins” lies in the educational part of the two which should be dealt with the right approach and awareness to assure the aspired achievements ahead in life. Here we will take a look at a general idea of how a student’s education is in America and how a student’s life is shaped around it. (more…)

Cost of education in USA

It is important to get an insight into the education expenses before applying to US universities. The cost of studying abroad is met either by self funding or bank financial aids. Loans can also be applied for in U.S.which is obtained in the form of university funding or scholarship, bank loans, and other source aids.

Course fee varies according to degree of education, subjects studied and also type of university-public or private. Fee structure of the private institutions is generally higher than that of the public ones. The public universities depend on the state funds. However these universities charge higher fees from out of state students. This cost is almost equal to the cost of study in any private university. (more…)

A Brief History of Education in USA

It was back in the 17th century when America saw its first school. Boston Latin School established in 1635 was the first public and is the oldest existing school in United States. Education in America initially started at homes with parents teaching the basics of literacy and arithmetic. By the mid 19th century, this responsibility of imparting education was taken up by schools. By the 1640s, the colonies in America started setting up schools which were predominantly made for males with very few meant for girls. By the 1780s the public schools in the colonies were replaced by private ones. (more…)

Student life is filled equally with excitements on one hand and apprehensions on the other

A student can’t be pictured without education and student’s education can’t be visualized without a student life. With every step ahead in student’s education come a new responsibility and more academic pressure and also every step being like a stepping stone towards the future ahead, it calls for utter sincerity and dedication in the efforts one puts in to succeed in the respective endeavors.

Student life or student’s education is a lease of new people, new studies and learning new things with every passing year and is thus always exciting with new hopes and surprises. However, the words ‘student life’ also has a different meaning in the context of higher education in United States. Student life also implies Student Affairs, which is a department or division or a section of support services provided to students in higher educational institutions to ensure and accentuate student growth, progress and development in United States and abroad, though in other countries outside US this is probably known as ‘student services’ or ‘student support’. (more…)

With the ascent of globalization student’s education has got much more to explore and thus a student’s life now witness a global exposure

Education across borders has become very common especially for higher educational levels. Student’s life is hence more thrilling and adventurous these days as it’s no more restricted within boundaries of your own area, although the influx of foreign students into US is much higher than American students going out to some other place out of US.

Education in US is mostly a public sector industry with different sources of funding behind it as federal funding, state funding or local. US have made child education compulsory and thus every child experiences a student’s life which may vary in duration from one another. Higher education prospects are also huge and wide spread in terms of choice and number of options available. However, at this level you find both public and private sector institutions. (more…)

Student life is full of excitements

Every time I write the words ‘student life’ I feel a tad bit jealous for all those of you who are living it and I sincerely hope you are doing it to the fullest.  Student life is full of excitements and new ones at that. It’s a learning phase of life and also being the most active years of one’s lifetime you encounter new experiences every other day. The energy and eagerness of a student can never be matched at any other stage of life again and hence this is the most precious phase which should be utilized in its maximum and its limits stretched to the widest. (more…)

Make your student life more exiting

Arguably the most talked about phase of anyone’s life is student’s life. Students are also the powerful, strongest and most vocal generation of any society as the majority of percentage of population in most countries is that of students. Student life is a precious period and hence should not be wasted even a bit. This is where discipline comes into play. Though that is a virtue which should be maintained all throughout one’s life at every age but it is a prime requirement during the growing up years to have a healthy and prosperous student’s life. (more…)

Student’s Life and Student’s Education

Student’s life and student’s education are two inseparable entities which find their meaning only in coexistence. Normally children start their schooling with preliminary schools, if we don’t consider the playschool they go to these days as a toddler, and that marks the start of his student life and the tag of being a ‘student’ stays attached till you have any connection or relation with studies which is till post graduate levels. So, a student’s education is not limited to schools and few years but this is a real long span and also probably the most enjoyed part of your life.

Student’s education is what governs student’s life and it’s not the other way round. Education is not only about attending your school and doing your homework and again going back to school the next day. Although the word education is synonymous with academics but it does have few other faces to it too that involve your extracurricular activities and your hobbies. It’s about an all round growth. Student’s education is about developing his or her perspective of the world and approach towards life. Academics help you score marks but education helps you grow and learn. So it’s essential that you don’t confine yourself to classrooms but have a happy fun filled life. (more…)