PracTutor’s Answer to Helping Students Learn Math and English Effectively

To further instill the impact of what’s going to be discussed, consider these stats: Of the 39 million students in the US in the year 2008, who’d enrolled in public and private schools, 69% of them are all who achieve entry into high school and 70% into college. Many fail the admissions test placed on them at these levels. College demands a majority of these students take remedial courses in Math and English. Some training program or other in these two subjects are taken up by 40% of students in order to prepare for high school. 75% take them up to prep themselves for college admission tests. The training programs mentioned here is at best narrow and boring and students themselves admit to the same. There are no available options to push such rigid learning aside and introduce better means. Enter PracTutor with its individualized approach and a perceptive grasp of the strengths and weaknesses in students. It challenges the former in students and gets rid of the latter for good. (more…)

Collaborating On A Fresh Coaching Service

When the organization that birthed Standards for Professional Learning, namely Learning Forward, and a top-notch leading on-demand one-on-one leader in learning solutions online, namely, shake hands on a new project there’s bound to be results. Their ambitious new project is a service that enhances the efficacy of several hundreds of instructional coaches. Finding its base in the Learning Forward Center for Results, the new system called Coaches’ Connect aims to encourage instructional coaches who have the experience and skill to support teachers seeking help. has a real-time learning platform that caters to achieving this and aims to launch this visionary model in September 2012. (more…)

Are We Losing Innovative Workforce?

The immigrants’ issue has been much debated about. Many people view immigrants as a direct threat to the national economy and well-being of Americans.  However, the statistics say that three out of four inventions has been made by foreign-born people.

The research conducted by the Partnership for a New American Economy (PNAE) says these patents were related to science, engineering or mathematics – the three most quickly developing fields.  The work shows that foreign-born innovators come to study in top U.S. universities but later forced to leave the country and return home where they continue to work creating innovative technologies that will later be implemented worldwide. Or even worse, they are lured by the countries with less restrictive and more open-minded immigration policies. (more…)

What Makes a STEM Teacher Highly-Qualified?

What makes a good mathematics teacher? This question is old-aged but today it sounds differently in the context of keen interest in STEM education.

Parents have always been anxious about where to send their children to give them the best educational opportunities, however the question of “where” is not nearly as important as the question of “who”: who will be teaching their children mathematics and computer science? Who will be explaining chemistry and geometry formulas to them? Who will be the one to inspire and encourage them in this?

A talented teacher can turn tiresome and repetitious classwork into a challenging and exciting process. A passionate teacher can generate ideas to keep his class intellectually awake. The high-school curriculum should focus on something that is bigger than fact memorizing and test preparation to make students really involved. The priority should be given to developing deep understanding of concepts and improving creative-thinking and problem-solving skills. It is a great challenge for schools and communities to keep children at school, make them engaged and motivated. This is the job of today’s highly-qualified STEM teachers. (more…)

Why Do We Cultivate the “Stranger Danger” Fear?

With the academic year successfully over and dreadful exams and tests being not so dreadful after all, it is now when you would normally expect to see kids crowding in the streets and playgrounds. But if we take a closer look at neighborhood streets we will probably be surprised to see none of this.

Instead children are being actively engaged in different sports and educational activities or playing safely in their backyards closely supervised by concerned adults. Some of them are encouraged to take online classes to catch up with whatever they missed during the academic year. (more…)

Colleges in Florida Have to Reveal the Names of Students Who Complained about Their Adjunct Instructors

Until recently department chairs in Florida had the right to deny tenure to adjunct instructors based on the complaints filed by students without revealing their names. However, on July the 20th a Florida state appellate court came to the decision that such information cannot be considered confidential and belongs to public records which are not protected by any privacy laws.

A judge panel decided that an instructor is from now on entitled to know the name of a student who submits a complaint against him; it is supposed to give the instructor a chance to defend himself openly. Before that many public college instructors who faced this problem ended up not having their tenure renewed. (more…)

Where does Mitt Romney Stand on Education Policy Issues?

In the height of 2012 election race people are now more than ever interested in what each candidate has to offer. With such important things as world economic recession and high unemployment on their minds, educational issues seem to have fallen by the wayside. However, this aspect is of great importance to those parents whose children are preparing to go to college.

While Barrack Obama’s position on this question is pretty much clear and is getting a lot of media coverage now, it is interesting to find out where other presidential candidates stand on education policy issues.

Alex Burgos, the spokesman for the Mitt Romney’s election campaign, outlined in his recent interview the principal provisions of Governor Romney’s education policy. According to Mr. Burgos, Romney puts high hopes on standardized testing to measure students’ academic progress. Thus, ensuring schools accountability will help to see a truthful picture of what is really happening in schools. (more…)

Are iPads to replace Laptops in Class?

A child with a laptop in class doing his assignment or taking a test has long since become a familiar sight. However, if you ever care to stop by one of Nebraska district’s public schools you would probably be surprised to see kids using iPads.

The district’s technology director Jeff Droge believes this little innovation will help schools to stay up-to-date and students to become more interested in their studies.

The district’s authorities used a $446,000 grant to buy 185 gadgets for 8th grade students and their teachers. The decision was approved by the school board of the district. Mr. Droge says they are planning on purchasing 450 more devices over 2013-14. Some of this money will be spent on training the teaching staff and students how to use iPads and integrate them into classwork to make it more productive. A few more districts in Nebraska intend to test launching the program which requires using iPads in schools instead of PCs. (more…)

Barrack Obama’s Office Announces another $1 billion Initiative Aimed to Increase STEM Teaching Quality

The U.S. Presidents Barrack Obama’s Administration has announced the launch of a nationwide program aimed to promote students’ interest in mathematics, science and technology by encouraging their teachers.

The program’s budget amounts to $1 billion and it starts with involving 50 most promising and inspired teachers and finally over a 4-year period it is expected to grow to include 10,000 educators all over the U.S. The program is planning on giving a bonus of $20,000 to these teachers in exchange for their long-standing commitment and devotion to their profession.

Barack Obama said in his interview that he puts high hopes on this initiative to compensate for a shortcoming of qualified and motivated teachers in STEM fields. (more…)