PracTutor’s Answer to Helping Students Learn Math and English Effectively

To further instill the impact of what’s going to be discussed, consider these stats: Of the 39 million students in the US in the year 2008, who’d enrolled in public and private schools, 69% of them are all who achieve entry into high school and 70% into college. Many fail the admissions test placed on them at these levels. College demands a majority of these students take remedial courses in Math and English. Some training program or other in these two subjects are taken up by 40% of students in order to prepare for high school. 75% take them up to prep themselves for college admission tests. The training programs mentioned here is at best narrow and boring and students themselves admit to the same. There are no available options to push such rigid learning aside and introduce better means. Enter PracTutor with its individualized approach and a perceptive grasp of the strengths and weaknesses in students. It challenges the former in students and gets rid of the latter for good.

Being an adaptive learning platform that teaches students to excel in Math and English PracTutor keeps the student in focus, helping them love, learn and enjoy Math and English. An intuitive approach to the way students learn is essential and PracTutor provides that. Smart algorithms go into its programming features which aid students in their Math and English skills by giving them ample practice and training runs to strengthen said subject skills. Common Core State Curriculum standards are focused upon when setting up these lessons. The teacher and parent(s) are also brought into the involvement stage of PracTutor’s functioning. This caters to serving all the requirements needed by a student to succeed. A private tutor is ready at hand to help the student when they have need of addressing varied subject content under Math and English.

Vatsal Ghiya, co-founder of PracTutor, said—paraphrasing: A handful of after-school programs on Math and English ended up being frustrating for my sons studying in grades 3 and 5. Seeking a better product to help them learn more efficiently I decided to create one due to a serious laxity of such a valuable thing in society.

Hardik Parikh, co-founder and CEO of PracTutor had this to say—paraphrasing: Having seen many of my cousins, and daughters and sons of my friends find Math and English hard to grasp due the many complicated programs associated with on the school level, I decided to do something about it. The training programs they were complaining about were missing several key features. We found a complete all-round solution in PracTutor.

PracTutor has under its employ a team of Math and English experts who source from the Common Core Team. Software developers, web designers are also involved to make the interactive features of PracTutor accessible and fun to use. Child psychologists, school administrators and even parents are involved as well to make PracTutor a service every student is bound to benefit from.