Simple Ways to Write an Effective Essays

6 Easy Ways to Complete a Successful Essay. Completing an effective and high-quality essay often seems to be a gruesome assignment among students. They always look for different ways how to complete an essay quickly using various custom writing services, asking parents to do it for them or something else but they don’t even imagine how easy the whole process of writing an essay is. Following these 7 steps given below help you to draft the successful paper, whatever the purpose might be.

  1. Select the topic

Maybe your topic is already assigned by your professor or you are allowed to write on the subject you want. Consider the option when you are not given the specific topic, in that case, you have a little more work to do. But you have an incredible opportunity to pick the subject that is really interesting and relevant to you. The first step is to determine your purpose. Is your essay to inform or convince?

Once your purpose is defined, you should do some researches on topics that you find captivating. You should be definitely sure that subject likes you.

  1. Create a diagram of your ideas

It is very important to be able to jot down your ideas and arrange them in the right way. Write down your topic in the middle of the page in order to create a proper diagram. Remember, this structure is the main foundation for the paper. Draw four to six lines branching off this subject and provide your basic ides at the ends of these lines. Try to extend your diagram with other thoughts you may have on main ideas.

  1. Create your thesis statement

It’s time to write thesis statement to tell the potential readers the main point of the essay. Review your diagram once more. What are the major ideas? Thesis statement usually consists of two parts, the first part specifies the topic, and the second part designates the point of essay.

  1. Body section

The body paragraph argues, explains and describes each idea that is included in your diagram. If you had four or six main ideas, you’ll have the same amount of body parts. Each body paragraph has the equal structure. Firstly, you should write your main thoughts as the introductory sentence. Then provide the supporting ideas, explanations or examples that reinforce the main topic. Make sure that the paragraphs fit together like a jigsaw puzzle.

  1. Write the introduction

Once you’ve created your thesis and the overall body of the essay, you should produce the introduction. This paragraph must catch the reader’s attention and give them an idea of the essay’s focus. Start your intro with attention grabber. Keep in mind, this information should be true and well-checked, and it does not need to be completely new to your audience. It could be just a shocking news, story, dialogue or a quote. Make sure that your chosen angel has a connection with the thesis statement.

  1. Conclude the essay efficiently

The conclusion part summarizes your overall ideas and brings closure of the subject. This paragraph includes three to five persuasive sentences which briefly describe your feelings about the topic.

After performing the essay, you should check the finished work and pay attention to all the small details. Make sure that the order of paragraphs is right. Review what you’ve written and check your essay for grammar and spelling mistakes.