Student’s Life and Student’s Education

Student’s life and student’s education are two inseparable entities which find their meaning only in coexistence. Normally children start their schooling with preliminary schools, if we don’t consider the playschool they go to these days as a toddler, and that marks the start of his student life and the tag of being a ‘student’ stays attached till you have any connection or relation with studies which is till post graduate levels. So, a student’s education is not limited to schools and few years but this is a real long span and also probably the most enjoyed part of your life.

Student’s education is what governs student’s life and it’s not the other way round. Education is not only about attending your school and doing your homework and again going back to school the next day. Although the word education is synonymous with academics but it does have few other faces to it too that involve your extracurricular activities and your hobbies. It’s about an all round growth. Student’s education is about developing his or her perspective of the world and approach towards life. Academics help you score marks but education helps you grow and learn. So it’s essential that you don’t confine yourself to classrooms but have a happy fun filled life.

The envious part of student’s life is that you have nothing much to worry about except may be your exams and studies. This is true for the earlier part of it until and unless you leave home and move elsewhere to pursue higher studies. However, discipline and staying focused are the two vital virtues you need to master during your growing years so that it takes care of your grown up years. In today’s world of glitter and glamour and quick money temptations it’s hard not to get distracted and give in to all these. But this is where guidance from your elders and seniors and also self restraint to a certain extent should be exercised to prevent your career going haywire.

Student’s education is a very gradual process and every part of it is somehow interlinked. So, your school performance shapes up your college days and those in turn sculpts your professional life ahead. There is pressure, agreed, there is parental pressure, academic pressure, peer pressure and so many other emotional pressure for you to overcome and keep your energies directed to the right ways to ensure you achieve those desired altitudes in your career. As they say, with every good thing comes a little bad, hence you may call these the bad part to the frolic and freedom you have on the other hand.

The way you should look at student’s life and student’s education is to exploit your options to maximum, explore every possibility and find your call. Harness your skills, your likings, your hobbyist ideas which you think you’ll love to do all your life and believe in who you are. Wish you all the best!