Student’s life: How to be a good student

Student’s life and student’s education are kind of Siamese twins having inseparable existence. Education is of utmost concern in a student’s life at every step. So, the secret to the better health of the “twins” lies in the educational part of the two which should be dealt with the right approach and awareness to assure the aspired achievements ahead in life. Here we will take a look at a general idea of how a student’s education is in America and how a student’s life is shaped around it.

Academically a student starts his journey from his preliminary schools which are his A B C days and his student life is on till he completes his education and goes into any profession or service as a full time employee which is usually after several levels of higher education. In the beginning, the choice of the school for secondary education depends on the parents and many other factors such as the area of living, the type of school preferred and definitely the student’s merit too. However from post secondary levels the choice of the student is also essential while deciding further course of studies. The interests and potential capabilities should be taken into account to make the right choice of college and universities so that the eventual results leave no trace of regret or repentance in the past decisions.

The first step towards higher education post secondary schooling is known as ‘undergraduate’ level on completion of which the student is awarded with a Bachelor’s degree in the respective stream. These programs are mostly four year programs after successfully passing out of your secondary school. Next upwardly move is that of being a ‘graduate’ which is about acquiring a Master’s degree that is mostly of two years duration after the successful completion of the undergraduate course and finally the highest academic degree in US is that of a Doctorate of Philosophy or PhD which takes something between three to six years depending on the subject of research and the progress of it. So a student life is spanned across so many years of hard work and studies that takes up a major part of the young stages of one’s life.

Nevertheless, a student’s life is not only about academics and education. Rather education is not only about academics either. Hence, it’s important to give even attention to extracurricular activities too. It’s not at all necessary that every student excels in academics, sports and music and other areas of interest should also be equally encouraged to have a well balanced life and also will help in recognizing the student’s actual talent which is a duty of each one of us who are even remotely associated with any student. Academics is important but we should not inhibit any other trade with extra attention imposed on studies.

Student life thus is arguably the most important phase of one’s life and student’s education is the process to lay a proper foundation to build a strong future based on it.