National College Finance Center Helps Students Create an Effective College Finance Plan

A popular American actress and one of the most powerful women in American showbiz Jane Lynch has founded a non-profit organization aimed at providing college student-to-be and their parents with comprehensive and accurate information about college financing. She is deeply concerned about the intimidating lack of information and low financial awareness of prospective students. Ms. Lynch hopes the National College Finance Center can help high-school leavers to become informed about the options available for them and thus make balanced decisions.

The NCFC website contains information about grants and scholarships as well as student loan programs which every college and university provides. Students can also find there some useful tips on the possible ways to pay off these loans. (more…)

Dual Enrollment Programs Give Hope to Disadvantaged Students

The Community College Research Center at Teachers College, Columbia University has recently published a study which reveals that dual enrollment programs benefit greatly not only A-level students but also those with disadvantages.

Dual enrollment programs are aimed at giving high-schoolers a chance to take university and college courses for credits. It is generally seen as a means to make public universities and some private colleges collaborate actively with local schools.

It has become an especially effective way to increase high-school students’ preparation for college. However, until a few years ago only high-achievers were entitled to enjoy the benefit of this. The situation has changed and now more and more disadvantaged students choose to participate in dual enrollment programs which serve as a great transitional stage to ensure their readiness for college. (more…)