How to make your student’s life more exiting

The sign of any developed society or nation is the standard of education and its associated facilities provided to its students. The growth of any nation is in the hands of its students as they hold the future. Hence a sound student’s educational system and the quality of its student life are the primary benchmarks of progress for any society. Student’s life has various dimensions to itself which reflects the standard and quality of student life maintained whether it is of any individual or the quality of student life promised and advertised by any educational institution. (more…)

National College Finance Center Helps Students Create an Effective College Finance Plan

A popular American actress and one of the most powerful women in American showbiz Jane Lynch has founded a non-profit organization aimed at providing college student-to-be and their parents with comprehensive and accurate information about college financing. She is deeply concerned about the intimidating lack of information and low financial awareness of prospective students. Ms. Lynch hopes the National College Finance Center can help high-school leavers to become informed about the options available for them and thus make balanced decisions.

The NCFC website contains information about grants and scholarships as well as student loan programs which every college and university provides. Students can also find there some useful tips on the possible ways to pay off these loans. (more…)

Homogeneity Prevents Boys from Succeeding In Class

Researchers express their increasing concerns that schools have become devoted to serving the needs of those children they feel comfortable with, that is calm, easily manageable, ready to collaborate and ambitious students. Teachers are more willing to encourage and reward them, promote their interest in mathematics, science and other disciplines.

Researchers speculate on whether or not this is the reason why high-school education has become so female-focused in recent years. Naturally, girls’ interest in STEM-related disciplines should be promoted and inspired, however the question is: “Is it only because they want girls to succeed in male-dominated fields or are girls just easier to manage?”

Boys, by all odds, tend to be more disruptive in class especially in elementary schools. They pay little attention to school rules; do not spend enough time doing their homework assignments and end up feeling very much disengaged and demotivated. (more…)

Dual Enrollment Programs Give Hope to Disadvantaged Students

The Community College Research Center at Teachers College, Columbia University has recently published a study which reveals that dual enrollment programs benefit greatly not only A-level students but also those with disadvantages.

Dual enrollment programs are aimed at giving high-schoolers a chance to take university and college courses for credits. It is generally seen as a means to make public universities and some private colleges collaborate actively with local schools.

It has become an especially effective way to increase high-school students’ preparation for college. However, until a few years ago only high-achievers were entitled to enjoy the benefit of this. The situation has changed and now more and more disadvantaged students choose to participate in dual enrollment programs which serve as a great transitional stage to ensure their readiness for college. (more…)

Enhancing Teachers’ Interest in STEM Will Help to Spark This Interest in Students

Sally Ride Science Academy is hosting a major event this summer – a program designed to help mathematics and science teachers to increase their students’ interest in STEM disciplines. The program has existed for a few years now and has helped over 5,000 high-school teachers from all over the U.S.

Teachers are trained to introduce STEM to young students in the way that will encourage and inspire them to continue learning these disciplines at universities and colleges. They are given tools to help students increase their STEM awareness.

Apart from that teachers are lectured on the issue of gender-based differences that require different approaches to teaching. It has long since been proved that boys and girls adopt information differently and at a different pace, especially the information that is related to science and technology.  Gender-based differences cannot be neglected when it comes to teaching STEM, because it will result in many girls’ thinking about science and computers as of “boys stuff”. Teachers are explained how to break these stereotypes in classroom environment and present information in adoptable ways. (more…)