With the ascent of globalization student’s education has got much more to explore and thus a student’s life now witness a global exposure

Education across borders has become very common especially for higher educational levels. Student’s life is hence more thrilling and adventurous these days as it’s no more restricted within boundaries of your own area, although the influx of foreign students into US is much higher than American students going out to some other place out of US.

Education in US is mostly a public sector industry with different sources of funding behind it as federal funding, state funding or local. US have made child education compulsory and thus every child experiences a student’s life which may vary in duration from one another. Higher education prospects are also huge and wide spread in terms of choice and number of options available. However, at this level you find both public and private sector institutions. Public sector schools are available almost everywhere and has its curricula and other policies of teaching, employment etc are decided by the elected school board which has its jurisdiction over school district and is governed by state legislatures. The educational standards and standardized tests are set by state legislatures and hence may vary from state to state.
The compulsory education of a student also varies from state to state ranging from an age between five and eight for the beginning to fourteen and eighteen for the end. Other than public schools and state certified private schools there are home school programs too which suffices as compulsory education.

Student’s education in US is categorized into different levels starting from elementary school to middle school to high school and then college. College starts at post secondary level where you pursue an undergraduate program on completion of which you can further specialize on it with a Master’s degree or you may pursue some professional courses in the fields of medicine or law etc. which may find further heights in doctoral studies and then finally the highest educational degree in the country is that of Post doctoral and research. So, if you go about it like this almost thirty years of your life would be student life.

The choices that you make during this period will determine your stature ahead in your lifetime and so student life and student’s educational decisions are crucial and should be governed with proper guidance and judgment of the student’s capabilities and interests. Also for international students who come in to US for higher education with lots of dreams and hopes in their eyes should be careful to adapt to the culture and cautiously avoid the temptations around and also learn to protect themselves from several easy crimes that do target this group of people.

As everything has its good and bad, similar it is with student’s life and student’s education, but we should be able to filter the unnecessary from the essential and strain the best out of it to have a memorable and fabulous student life to boast of.